It Gets Better

Hear this encouraging, personal testimony by Mel about how life gets better when you allow yourself to be who you are.

Grace & Damion

This is the video series where author, Mel White, shares on his work, Grace and Demion This video is part of a series: While video is playing or paused, click upper left corner of video to reveal list. Click here to Order “Grace and Demion” 

Mel’s Monday Movie “Must Sees”

This Monday,  “Out Late” Out Late looks at five individuals who came out after the age of 55. Why did they wait and what was the turning point? What can we learn from their lives? Get free at Amazon Prime (with 30 day free trial).

Mel and Gary’s Story

During the past thirty years, the Rev. Dr. Mel White and his husband, Gary Nixon, have traveled across the country, speaking on university campuses, teaching the “soul force” principles of Gandhi and King, organizing people of faith to do justice, and confronting religious leaders whose anti-gay rhetoric White believes, “leads to the suffering and death... Read More

Mel White’s Books

Stranger at the Gate: To be Gay and Christian in America In this moving, best-selling autobiography, Mel White comes out of the closet to give hope to other gay and lesbian Christians, to confront the misleading anti-gay rhetoric of the radical right, and to launch his own fight for justice and understanding for God’s gay... Read More
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