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If you prefer to contact Mel via email, please reach him at

Or write to:

Gary Nixon
P.O. Box 143856
Long Beach, California 90853 USA

If you are interested in booking Mel to speak at your event, please email Gary Nixon at

A note from Gary

In the past few years alone, Mel has taken his message of understanding and reconciliation to hundreds of conventions, workshops, churches, and synagogues and more than 100 university campuses. On the evening of his arrival, Mel is available to meet in a home or restaurant with the sponsors of his appearance. Usually, a combination of donors, individual organization budgets, and offerings or entrance fees, pays the bills easily. Sometimes one donor will underwrite the entire event.

Start by emailing me your request for Mel to speak – – with information as to place, purpose, time, budget for speaker, etc. Include your contact telephone and email information.

I will respond immediately with any comments or questions Mel or I might have.

Do NOT trust Mel to remember anything you tell him face-to-face, on the phone or by email (he said smiling.) I will help you with promotion materials, press releases, and photos. Mel will also do remote radio/talk show interviews from our home before the event to increase public interest and meet with the media during his visit. His new book, Holy Terror: Lies the Christian Right Tells Us to Deny Gay Equality, will create interest in your event and stimulate local media to interview Mel before his arrival.

Responses from Dr. Mel White’s Presentations

“His words were a great source of relief and encouragement to a campus in turmoil… Insightful…Touching…”
Jane Dickie, Director of Women’s Studies

“…informative, provocative, energetic, humane, and hilarious…”
Dr. David G. Myers, The John Dirk Werkman Professor of Psychology
Hope College

“Exceptional crowd…Wonderful praise & feedback”
Rafael Gomes, Lecture Chair
University of Puget Sound

“Our students enjoyed the humor in his moving stories… Thoughtful…Insightful… Seamless… Articulate…Inspiring…Informative… A Tremendous success…”
Jobeth Rebori, Student Activities,
University of Tennessee (Knoxville)

“Provided our students a helpful approach to understanding sexual orientation… thoughtful…uplifting…”
Anita Bradshaw, Former Director of Supervised Ministries,
Yale Divinity School

“His themes of acceptance and inclusion provided a positive path of action…”
Ayappa Biddanda Vice-Chairman, Issues Committee
University of Tennessee (Knoxville)

“He touched us with his compassion and his insights.”
Debra Brazzel, Associate Dean of the Chapel
Duke University

“Student surveys after your address were overwhelmingly positive…”
Matthew Frericks, Chair
1998 Out In Akron Sunday Forum

“Eye-opening and inspirational…a superb lecture and a wonderful evening”
Brooke Wilbraham, Lecture Committee Chair
Virginia Commonwealth University

“Mel was articulate and entertaining in his speech and dealt most kindly and effectively with those in the crowd who did not support him…
Gregory Dillon, Interim Director Campus Programming
DEPAUW University

“The most well attended lecture we have hosted. Dr. White is articulate, funny, insightful and genuine. He handles controversy with integrity. He is skilled at confronting hatred and ignorance…He is one of a kind.”
Mark Gorney, Program Coordinator
University of Wisconsin, Green Bay