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Order “Grace and Demion” by Mel White

Grace and Demion is available here:




“Mel’s book could save the life of someone you love!”
Rev. Dr. Troy D. Perry, Founder, Metropolitan Community Churches





“This story is heart-wrenching and healing.  The book took on an Aesop’s fable imagery for me at the end.” Cindi Love, Ed.D., Executive Director, American College Personnel Association




“This fable is not just about LGBTQ people. It’s about humanity. It’s about God who never stops loving us. I’m a gay Jewish man, but I would recommend it to anyone seeking a gorgeous jolt of hope, inspiration and true wisdom.”  Ken Page, LCSW, Psychology Today blogger and Author


Grace and Demion is so wonderful that I don’t have adequate words to describe it.  I know I want at least 20 copies to give as gifts to special friends who badly need your words!  Peggy Campolo, Activist, lay counselor and public speaker



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