He Leadeth Me: Facing Physical Disability – Ken Medema’s Story

Ken Medema, Though Blind, Becomes Talented Musician


Watch Psalm-23---In-The-Presence-of-Mine-Enemies

Watch Psalm-23---He-Restoreth-My-Soul

Watch Psalm-23---Though-I-Walk-Through-The-Valley-(Part-4)

Film #1 of Mel’s 23rd Psalm Series on People In Crisis

Mel White and Mike White, Father and Son Film DirectorsMel White and Mike White, Father and Son Film Directors

Like father like son.  Mel White directed the above film, “He Leadeth Me: Facing Physical Difficulties, the Ken Medema Story”  

After it’s initial play in the public arena in the 1970s the film sat on Mel’s shelf for decades.  Finally!  These films can speak once again, here at www.melwhite.org

Ken Medema is a famous songwriter who was stricken with blindness during boyhood.  At first devastated, Ken evolved, exercised his faith, found loving support, and became an class inspiration to handicap people.


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