37 – Check List for Those Who Vigil

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37 – Check List for Those Who Vigi



We Vigil:

1…under the direction and manner set forth by the leadership team or designated leader.

2…with a carefully thought out and well defined plan and purpose.

3…with a carefully constructed printed case for “Why We Vigil” for media, police, spectators.

4…after preparing ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically.

5…in a spirit of love and nonviolence, seeking reconciliation, not victory.

6…when those who vigil have signed a vow to avoid violence of heart, tongue and fist.

7…when those who vigil have promised to be respectful/observing the rules of common courtesy and mutual respect for friend and foe alike.

8…when those who vigil have promised to care for the safety and wellbeing of ourselves and others, including our adversary.

9…with means and methods that are as pure and honorable as the goals we seek to achieve.


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