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4.  The Call To Protest

  • Remember there are rules or guidelines for effective nonviolent protest

5.  Gandhi’s Soul Force

  • Nonviolent resistance and Gandhi’s Satyagraha (The Force of Truth or Soul Force)

6.  Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount

7.  Coretta Scott King On Gandhi’s Influence On Her Husband

8.  Gandhi’s Principles of Relentless Nonviolent Resistance

  • A brief and easily remembered summary

9.  King’s ultimate goal of the civil rights movement

  • Reconciliation and the Beloved Community

10.  Martin Sheen on Why We Protest

  • Martin obeys the Creator’s call to do justice for his sake and the sake of others

11.  Every Faith Tradition Calls Us To Do Justice

  • Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism

12.  Start with Compassion in Action

  • Do something for those who suffer before trying to cut off that suffering at its source


<<  I.  The Storm     Main Index      III. RESIST  >>


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