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Remembering Billy

Mel White (The Ghostwriter of Billy Graham)   Billy Graham is dead.  He was my friend and I mourn his passing.  For two years I... Read More

Weaponized Religion in America

The Rev. Jerry Falwell, center, with Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan and Macel Falwell, wife of the religious leader, in 1980. Falwell persuaded many fundamentalist... Read More

What Makes Jesus Mad as Hell?

Jesus was angry.  Children who wanted to see him were being turned away.  “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me,”he warned his... Read More

Jesus Was Lynched

NOTE: This book review was awarded FIRST PLACE by the Los Angeles Press Club in their National Entertainment Journalism Award…Critic On Line. Jesus Was Lynched By... Read More

Playing the Anti-Muslim Card

On the weekend of Sept. 14-16, 2012, while President Obama and Secretary Clinton struggled to put out fires ignited by a crude, anti-Muslim video made... Read More

Adam’s Gift by Jimmy Creech

JIMMY CREECH long time Soulforce friend and former board member will be reading and signing his new book: ADAM’S GIFT Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh April... Read More

My First White Party

A White Party? You actually went to a White Party? At your age? And a clergyman? One of our friends found it difficult to believe... Read More

In Tokyo

I’m stuck in the Radisson Hotel at Narita Airport after 14 hours flying from LA including 3 hours on the runway cleaning up spilled gas... Read More

Why we can’t wait…to take it to the streets!

It’s been more than thirty years since this latest season of protest began at the Stonewall Bar in New York City, and with all the changes we can celebrate, the real problem remains the same: the antigay religious teachings and actions that support intolerance and discrimination are still powerfully in place in our Protestant and Catholic Churches. ... It is time to commit ourselves to participate in local, regional, state-wide and national campaigns of relentless nonviolent resistance (guided by the ‘soul force’ principles of Gandhi and King) that will convince church leaders to do justice at last.

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