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Resist Extremism: A Website Guide to Resistance


Are you ready to resist?  Click here.

Read Mel’s prize-winning blogs

Stranger at the Gate Free Audio Book!   

The manipulation behind America’s present siege.

New book by Mel White    

Jonestown Massacre – What We Must Not Forget!

Video: How Can I Be Sure God Loves Me?

Blog:  Mel White, former Ghostwriter of Billy Graham, shares!

Blog: Weaponized Religion America: How it happened!

Christian Voting for Trump, Mel White interviewed by Al Jazeera
Video Al Jazeera Interview: Why do Christians vote for Trump?

Facing Physical Disability-Ken Medema’s Story
Mel’s film:  Facing disabilities?  Find hope here!

Martin Luther King Jr "Time To Break The Silence"

Video: Reviving a Martin Luther King speech, relevant today!

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