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Stranger at the Gate


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“An engrossing journey to united sexuality with faith… Fascinating…harrowing…a remarkable and important story.”
Dallas Morning News

San Francisco Chronicle

“Emotionally wrenching…”
San Diego Union Tribune

“The Reluctant, painful, but ultimately joyous merging of the family man, gay man, believer and lover…”
Miami Herald

“A courageous and important book … A clarion call for justice and freedom.”
Malcolm Boyd

In this moving, best-selling autobiography, Mel White comes out of the closet to give hope to other gay and lesbian Christians, to confront the misleading anti-gay rhetoric of the radical right, and to launch his own fight for justice and understanding for God’s gay and lesbian children. Mel and Gary have received (and answered) more than 50,000 letters from readers who were both inspired and informed by this book.

In the months that followed the release of Stranger at the Gate, Mel’s story was featured in the L.A. Times, the Washington Post, and in media across the nation. He was interviewed on hundreds of radio and TV broadcasts including Sixty-Minutes, Larry King Live, National Public Radio and the BBC.

From the San Francisco Examiner

Compelling …eloquent and compassionate … We learn as much about growing up in the Christian right as we do about gay life in Mel White’s heartfelt and revealing memoir.

Mel White is a writer, pastor, filmmaker, and former ghostwriter of books, autobiographies, and speeches for Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Jim Bakker, and Oliver North. He is the author of such inspirational bestsellers as In the Presence of Mine Enemies and Tested by Fire. Mel served as Dean of the Cathedral of Hope (Dallas, Texas), National Justice Minister for the Metropolitan Community Churches, and with Gary Nixon, Mel’s partner of 30 years, co-founded Soulforce and served as its Executive Director. Mel and Gary have retired to “a little cottage” near the beach in California. Mel continues to write and speak at colleges, universities, churches, conventions, rallies and special events across the U.S.

From the Publisher

Until Christmas Eve 1991, Mel White was regarded by the leaders of the religious right as one of their most talented and productive supporters. He penned a major speech for Ollie North. He was hired by Simon Shuster to ghost write the autobiography of Jerry Falwell, flew in Pat Robertson’s private jet, walked sandy beaches with Billy Graham. What these men didn’t know was the Mel White — evangelical minister, committed Christian, family man — was gay.

In this remarkable book, Mel White details his twenty-five years of being counseled, exorcised, electric-shocked, prayed for, and nearly driven to suicide because his church said homosexuality was wrong. But his salvation — to be openly gay and Christian — is more than a unique coming-out story. It is a chilling exposé that goes right into the secret meetings and hidden agendas of the religious right. Told by an eyewitness and sure to anger those Mel White once knew best, Stranger at the Gate is a warning about where the politics of hate may lead America … a brave book by a good man whose words can make us richer in spirit and much wiser too.

From the Library Journal

This is the account of a deeply religious man’s coming to terms with his gayness and the impact that process had on his life. A former chostwriter for Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, and other religious-right personalities, White offers a compelling story; gay readers raised in a fundamentalist Christian environment will find themselves saying, “That happened to me.”

From Booklist

There are plenty of clergymen’s coming-out stories (most by Anglican priests) and plenty of gay replies to Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and other antigay Christian evangelists, but on both counts, this is the one everybody’s been waiting for.

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