1. The Gathering Storm

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The Gathering Storm

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” 
– Howard Beale in “Network”


Fundamentalist Christians, billionaire capitalists and Tea-party loyalists

Millions of us are angry and no wonder. There is a very dark cloud on our nation’s horizon. A powerful storm is upon us. Fundamentalist Christians, billionaire capitalists and Tea-party loyalists are mobilizing their forces. At this moment, ultra conservative Republicans control majorities in the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, twenty-nine state governors and literally thousands of state legislators. The television and radio spokesmen and women for the extremists have convinced a rather sizable segment of our society that the only way to save our country is to destroy it. Lies drown out truth. Fear mongering undermines the foundations on which our free society is built. The ancient call to Justice and Mercy is forgotten.


Already, extremist Republicans are…

  • disenfranchising millions of minority voters
  • gerrymandering precincts to eliminate progressive incumbents and candidates
  • denying 11,000,000 immigrants a reasonable path to citizenship
  • eliminating a woman’s right to choose and closing the health clinics they depend on
    building higher walls, hiring more border guards, deporting and dividing families
  • advocating a Constitutional Amendment denying LGBTQ Americans their civil rights
  • demeaning trans* men and women by refusing to acknowledge their sacred humanity
  • cutting programs that feed, house and educate underprivileged children
  • closing down agencies that protect the environment
  • abolishing administrations that regulate the production of food and pharmaceuticals
  • deregulating banks and rewarding incompetent bankers
  • empowering corporations with absolute political influence
  • increasing the power and privilege of the one percent
  • decreasing the rights and protections of the ninety-nine

“Americans are now engaged in a New Civil war, testing whether this nation, conceived and dedicated as we are, will endure

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