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“Mel just nails it. He doesn’t mince word or waste time. Mel builds his case relentlessly.”-The Rev Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator, MCC
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Grace and Demion


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  • “Mel’s book is lovely, touching. I was moved by it. It reminds me in tone and purity of The Little Prince. Grace and Demion could become a classic.”
    Frank Schaeffer, author of “Why I Am an Atheist Who Believes in God”
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cover of Stranger at the GateSTRANGER AT THE GATE

In this moving, best-selling autobiography, Mel White comes out of the closet to give hope to other gay and lesbian Christians, to confront the misleading anti-gay rhetoric of the radical right, and to launch his own fight for justice and understanding for God’s gay and lesbian children.

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Mel White and Gary NixonMEL & GARY’S STORY

During the past 30 years, the Rev. Dr. Mel White and his partner, Gary Nixon, have traveled across the country, speaking on university campuses, teaching the “soul force” principles of Gandhi and King, organizing people of faith to do justice, and confronting religious leaders whose anti-gay rhetoric White believes, “leads to the suffering and death of God’s lesbian and gay children.”

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Mel White and Mike White in the Amazing RaceAMAZING RACE

Mel and his son, filmmaker Mike White, had the unusual opportunity to appear as a team on two seasons of the Amazing Race, the Emmy Award winning race around the world on CBS.

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Mel speaking at an eventCONTACT MEL

Mel can be booked to speak at your special event — school, college or university, church or synagogue, PFLAG or your GLBT Center.

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