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50. Protest The Extremist’s War On Women!

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Ignoring a woman’s civil rights

Ignoring a woman’s civil rights: Legislative and rhetorical attacks on women and women’s rights are taking place across the nation in ever increasing number. The extremists are hard at work legislating restrictions on women’s health care and limiting protections for women and their families. Planned Parenthood clinics are the extremist’s primary target for harassment and eventual closure.

Ignoring a woman’s civil rights: The extremists are motivated primarily by their determination to bypass Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court’s historic 1973 decision to allow women the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. The extremists insist that abortion is “a moral issue” when in fact it is “a civil rights issue.” No citizen can be denied this right; and yet the extremists have decided to ignore or get around the law altogether.

Ignoring a woman’s civil rights: Ironically, women depend on Planned Parenthood and other women’s health clinics for much more than abortion services. Planned Parenthood’s national budget for 2012-2013 used just 3% for “abortion services” while 35% was used for testing and treating sexually transmitted diseases in women and men; 35% to provide contraception information and contraceptives; 16% for cancer screening and prevention; 11% to provide other health services to women.

Ignoring a woman’s civil rights: The extremists are hard at work:

  1. Restricting contraception
  2. Cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood and other women’s health clinics
  3. State-mandated, medically unnecessary ultrasounds
  4. Abortion taxes and even “abortion insurance”
  5. Abortion waiting periods
  6. Forcing women to tell their employers why they want birth control
  7. Prohibiting insurance companies from including abortion coverage in their policies.
  8. Ignoring a woman’s civil rights: 48 states considered approximately 360 anti-choice laws in 2013. Ultimately 22 states enacted 70 restrictions. In 2011 80 anti-choice measures became law; 38 in 2012. Some of the shutdowns have been of major clinics. For instance, Virginia’s No. 1 women’s health clinic, NOVA Women’s Healthcare in Fairfax, Va., shut down after state and local governments enacted regulations the abortion provider appeared unable to meet.
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