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Pocket Guide to the Practice of Relentless Nonviolent Resistance

By Mel White



  • Cover and Dedication

Section I.  Becoming Aware of the Storm

1.  The Gathering Storm

Fundamentalist Christians, billionaire capitalists and Tea-party loyalists

2.  North Carolina

“…a grim recital of the current reactionary takeover of state government”

3.  Extremist’s Current Targets



4.  The Call To Protest

Remember there are rules or guidelines for effective nonviolent protest

5.  Gandhi’s Soul Force

Nonviolent resistance and Gandhi’s Satyagraha (The Force of Truth or Soul Force)

6.  Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount

7.  Coretta Scott King On Gandhi’s Influence On Her Husband

8.  Gandhi’s Principles of Relentless Nonviolent Resistance

A brief and easily remembered summary

9.  King’s ultimate goal of the civil rights movement

Reconciliation and the Beloved Community

10.  Martin Sheen on Why We Protest

Martin obeys the Creator’s call to do justice for his sake and the sake of others

11.  Every Faith Tradition Calls Us To Do Justice

Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism

12.  Start with Compassion in Action

Do something for those who suffer before trying to cut off that suffering at its source



13.  Nonviolent Protest’s Core Principles

14.  One – See Yourself In A Whole  New Way

Credo:  What I believe that helps me see myself in a whole new way

15.  Two – See Your Adversary In A Whole New Way

Credo: What I believe that helps me see my adversary in a whole new way

16.  Three – Necessary Confrontation

Bring truth to your adversary and confront untruth wherever you find it

17.  Four – Bring Truth To Your Adversary Nonviolently

18.  Five – Bring Truth To Your Adversary Relentlessly

19.  Six – Be Willing To Suffer

Be willing to take on voluntary redemptive suffering (not involuntary suffering)

20.  Seven – Reconcile With Your Adversary

Reconciling will help bring in the “Beloved Community”



21.  Protest Organizer’s Checklist

A checklist for organizing an effective protest

22.  Nonviolent Negotiations

Ten suggestions for Conducting Nonviolent Negotiations

23.  Conducting Nonviolent Direct Actions

Thirteen suggestions

24.  Conducting Effective Nonviolent Direct Actions and Negotiations

A few extra tips for conducting more effective nonviolent direct actions and negotiations

25.  Before the Action Begins – MAKE YOUR CASE

26.  Before the Action Begins – TAKE YOUR VOW

27.  Nonviolent Direct Actions to Consider

from Gene Sharp’s The Politics of Nonviolent Action



28.  Visiting Action Site

    • Start with a destination: choosing and visiting site of your proposed nonviolent direct action
    • Basic kinds of vigils to consider

29.  Initial Administrative Actions

    • Choosing headquarters
    • Contacting local officials
    • Recruiting participant
    • Developing a theme

30.  Promotion and Follow Through

    • Promoting event
    • Developing visuals
    • Communicating at vigil
    • Follow through after vigil

31.  Training Squad Leaders

    • Squad leader’s role
    • Squad formation
    • Squad leader’s checklist



32.  Action Day- Checklist 1

    • Convene group
    • List of names and information cards
    • Check-in with everyone
    • Centering exercise
    • Make sure everyone understands
    • Remind everyone how quickly things can change

33.  Action Day – Checklist 2

    • Be attentive to each individual
    • Keep track each squad member throughout action
    • After the arrest
    • Above all, stay calm

34.  Utilize Media Wisely

Using the Media Wisely: The Media are using you to sell soap. Use them to sell truth

35.  Guidelines for a Nonviolent March

36.  Guidelines for Conducting a Nonviolent Vigil

37.  Check List for Those Who Vigil


38.  Preparing for Possible Arrest

39.  To Risk or Not to Risk Getting Arrested

Serious Issues to Consider before Making your Decision

40.  Guidelines for Responding to Sudden Unexpected Violence

41.  Avoiding Arrest

To Avoid Arrest – Follow all Procedures Very Carefully



42.  Warning, Arrest and Holding Area

43.  Arrested- Transport, Processing, Booking

44.  Court Pleas– Guilty, Non Guilty, or No Contest

      45.  Guidelines for a Nonviolent Civil Rights March



46.  Resist the Extremist’s War on the 99 Percent

47.  Resist the Extremist’s War on Immigration Reform

48.  Resist for African-American Men

49.  Resist the Extremist’s War on the Poor

50.  Protest the Extremist’s War on Women

51.  Resist the Extremist’s War on Voting Rights

52.  Resist the Extremist’s War on LGBTQ Rights

53.  Resist the Extremist’s War on Gun Reform

54.  Resist the Extremist’s War on the Environment

55.  Resist the Extremist’s War on Health Care Reform

56.  Resist The Extremist’s War On Campaign Finance Reform

57.  Resist Extremist’s War On HIV/Aids Services And Research

58.  Resist The Extremist’s War On The Public Schools

59.  Resist The Extremist War On Prison Reform

60.  Resist The Extremist War On Seniors



61.  The Pax Christi Vow of Nonviolence




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